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All Dolled Up
Ottawa Area Cloth Doll Makers




Doll Gallery



 Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild's Festival of Quilts

 May 2003.

Back row form the left
Doll Doll maker Description
Mr. Wooly Edwina Sutherland Original felt doll, made with wool and needle felted.
Magenta  Diane Dent Maid/sister in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Made for the 2002 summer challenge "That's Entertainment".
Peggy Wilson An original pattern designed September 2002. He is made of soft sculpted fabric and won first prize at the CDAA conference in May 2003. He was a birthday gift for my husband this year.
Periwinkle Beth Cameron The original pattern was designed by Becky Holloway and born in a class with Becky.
(Allie to her friends)
Jo-Ann Raven This is an original doll created for the summer 2002 challenge, "That's Entertainment", and was inspired by the movie "A Fairy Tale". She is kin to the Actias Luna (the moth) and is an apprentice to Luna (Roman Goddess of the Moon, giver of visions).
Forest Santa Barbara Hamilton The original pattern was designed by Barbara Willis and interpreted by Barb.
the garden angel
  Made for Sue Leah during a "Brown Bag Challenge 2001/2002
Marlene   A brown bag doll from fall 2002. The body made by Jacquie Lecuyer from a Susan Oroyan pattern and was worked on by 5 artists to create this wonderful doll.
Front row from the left
Spinodal Susan Woodhead This little fellow has an intense interest in copper alloys. He was made from Lucy Garvin's "Fenwwick" pattern.
Twirling Shirl #3 Nancy Leigh-Smith Twirling Shirl loves to twirl. She practices her skating - especially her twirls - every chance she gets. She is confident she will win a medal at the next Olympic games.
Fading Star Bev Hastings Star has turned 40 and danced her last role in Swan Lake. Time to retire. What will she do; where will she go? Time for reflection.
Tickled Pink Liane Thiry-Smith From Lucy Garvin's Fenwick pattern.
Crazy Cat Cal Alexander Crazy quilted and beaded cat made at a course taken in Meadville, Pennsylvania. She is a purse that hangs over your shoulder and keeps you company on your shopping trips. Crazy Cat was made by Cal using a pattern designed and taught by Ruth Prest.
Wicked Lisa Corr Even the "Wicked" are allowed to rest. This Moulin Rouge doll was designed by Jacquie Lecuyer and interpreted by Lisa.


Grandma's garden Francine Slippert An original design.
Oakra Tammy Alexander This doll was originally designed by Ute Vasina and brought to life by Tammy.
Self - portrait
Rug hooker
Barbara Lukas Displayed at the Shelburne Museum in Burlington Vermont.

The dolls were displayed at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild's Festival of Quilts, May 2003.
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