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Peggy Wilson
 5 Truffles:  

I developed this pattern for the 10 members of All Dolled Up to make as table favours for the Enchanted Doll Artists Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico in July of 2008.  The resultant dolls were voted "Peoples Choice"  These are 5 of the Truffles that I made myself.

Little Red: a close up of one of the Truffles made from my pattern.  The Truffles are less than 8 " tall are fully self supporting and have wired fingers capable of holding small items.  
Emergence:  This doll was created as a table centrepiece for the EDAC conference in Albuquerque 2008.  She is emerging from a vortex created with Swarofski crystals and glass glitter on a rotating base to portray the theme "The Other Side of the Mirror".  She is dressed in a gown of organza, and elastic mesh, embellished with sequins, beads and Swarofski crystals. 
The Mother In Law; "That would just NOT be allowed on OUR side of the mirror" is the subtitle for this creation, made for the Enchanted Doll Artists Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico, 2008.  She was entered in the 'advanced professional' category where she placed first and was awarded "Best in Show" by all the judges.

Brogan, the sock Gremlin:  2006 

2nd place CDAA open fantasy division.  Brogan comes from an ancient line of gremlins long reviled for their propensity to abscond with single socks (NO the dryer does not eat them), and utilizing them in their wardrobes and home decor.  Brogan has decided to embrace the 21st century and, aided by the move to smaller and smaller electronic gadgets and their even tinier accessories, is rapidly building quite a stash of memory cards, MP3 players, I-pods and even cell phones.  (Yes!  He does endeavour to turn them off to avoid their discovery.)  He may not be sure what use these treasures may have a this time.  Perhaps it is enough to drive their rightful owners around the bend!
Bye the way, "Brogan" comes from the Gaelic, Brog, which means shoe.  How appropriate for a sock gremlin! 
Now, where did the memory card for my digital camera disappear to?
Brogan is 8 1/2" tall and is life sized.  He is made entirely of fabric and is extensively needle sculpted.  His clothes are indeed made exclusively of single socks.


Australian Elfland Idol: 2006 

Made at the request of a popular Australian recording artist


"Off With Their Heads; 2005  The Queen of Hearts:  

The Queen of Hearts has just come across 3 of her gardeners painting the white roses red.  They run away in terror as she shouts "Off with their heads!"
The queen is fully needle sculpted to display her fury.  Her costuming, from bloomers to slip to hip bustle (how vain to think she really needs one!) to skirts, overskirts, and bodice, feature heirloom embroidery, machine embroidery, quilting, applique and paint techniques.

The Thistledown Faerie.  2004

Lauren the Mermaid 2005.  

Lauren was designed for a class for beginners and beyond, with options for hands, bust overlay, eyes, hair and embellishment additions.

Ikea Project   2005

 "Hide and Go Seek in a Faerie Garden" was designed for the HGTV show, "Space for Living" where I was featured in the Foreign Exchange segment.







Dervla, the Goth Faerie. 2004  was awarded 2nd place in the CDAA Fantasy division.

Lexander, the Young Snotgurgle 2002 was designed and made for my husband.  He placed 1st in the cloth Fantasy division of the CDAA in 2003

Sir Humphrey Snodgrass   2004 was awarded 1st place in the CDAA Caricature division.

Glooscap.  2004 was awarded 2nd for Artistic Representation at the CDAA conference.

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