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All Dolled Up
Ottawa Area Cloth Doll Makers




Doll Gallery





Aileen Turner
Doll designed by Virginia Robertson. 

Doll made by Aileen turner. 
Polyester stuffing dress made by sandwiching; ribbons, satin threads and glitter threads, between hand dyed cotton and fine netting. 
Face painted with Prismacolour pencils and gel pens

"Truffle" designed by Peggy Wilson.

Doll maker Aileen Turner 
Approximate size 6 inches. 
Polyester stuffing. Acrylic paints used 
for face painting, shoes and stocking.

The Dry Sack Sisters, 

designed by Aileen Turner using sherry bags 
filled with polyester stuffing. Heads made with robe velour "Cafe". Faces are painted using Gel pens and Prismacolour pencils. Various yarns are used for the hair.

The Secret Keeper. 

The doll designed by Julie McCullough. Doll made by 
Aileen Turner.  Polyester stuffing, 100% cottons used for costume and 
beading. Face painting with Prismacolour pencils and Gel pens



Bacchus Jr. The Prince of Wine 

was designed by Aileen for a challenge/swap. The challenge was to make a doll depicting your favorite beverage. Aileen's being "red Wine". He has a wire armature with polyester stuffing "Fairfield", His body is made with robe velour "sand". His face is colored with Prismacolor pencils and Gel pens. His costume is "lycra", grape leaves and cording and buttons.


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